coup des risque

inspiration from a boy with a shadow


Young black woman being taught not to react to smoke being blown in her face, in a Civil Rights class in 1960.
I think too few people realize that these people needed to be trained to take the abuse they received. It’s all that much more powerful to realize how much work actually went into it.

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the moebius strip, gilles jobin, 2001. photo by manuel vason.

a sensual, fluid, hypnotic exploration of a “human sculpture”: the bodies of five dancers pass, cross, follow, intertwine with each other. created at the théâtre de la ville in paris during the spring of 2001 became one of his most emblematic pieces. “on the stage, viewed as a white painting, bodies are thrown like splashes of colors, mixed as tint areas and given rhythm by the shades of the clothes”

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